1. Immersion: make English a part of your everyday life, by reading and listening to as much English as possible, to enable you to learn and hear more vocabulary and grammar that you can use when speaking in English.
2. Don’t use a bilingual dictionary: by using a bilingual dictionary you are improving your translation skills, not your ability to think in English. 
3. Learn vocabulary in phrases, not single words: this will help you think of these words faster when you have to speak in English and avoid misusing words. 
4. Start using the vocabulary as soon as possible: if you do not use the new vocabulary and phrases you have heard through immersion, you will not be able to remember this when you have to speak in English. 
5. Talk to yourself in English: if you have no one to speak to, talking to yourself in English is a great way for you to start training your brain to think faster in English. 
6. Talk about your day: if you are really stuck for ideas, just talk about your day to yourself. 
7. Role-play conversations: create role-play situations you may find yourself in the future. 
8. Get an English-speaking friend or partner: one of the best ways to think faster and speak in English is to speak with real people. 
9. Sing Along to English Songs: singing to songs is a great way to move your mouth and actually speak in English. 
10. Have fun: make your learning fun. Improving your speaking skills is hard in any language, let alone a foreign language. Make sure to be immersing yourself with materials that you genuinely love so that you are consistently applying these tips to motivate you to do these steps every single day for maximum results in the short term